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naivsuper-cd 008
naivsuper-cd 008

Bailleau Christophe
La Lude / La Sonde
Berlin (Deutschland) / -): naivsuper, 2006
(CD, DVD) 13x13 cm,
naivsuper Nr 008, Musik-CD in gefalteter Papphülle mit Beiblatt in transparenter Kunststoffhülle, cover art: Claudio Pfeifer,
ZusatzInformation: music by Christophe Bailleau and friends.
La Lude / La Sonde was composed for the performance ´La Sonde´ by Christophe Bailleau and Martine Viale. The performance was held at the city sonics festival 2006 (Mons, Belgium) and at Le festival d'avignon from July 10th to 20th 2006.
Martine Viale lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His work is mainly inspired by traditional Butoh dance. Mixed with his very own style his shows are a new and fresh vision in contemporary dance.
Each performance is a unique improvisation, since the body perceives it´s surrounding differently every time.
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TitelNummer 008570267