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Boltanski Christian / Roubaud Jacques
Les Habitants du Louvre
Paris (Frankreich) / -): Editions Dilecta, 2009
(Buch) 160 S., 23x17,5 cm, Auflage: 2000,
ISBN/ISSN: 978-2-916275-63-5
Hardcover, Texte französisch
ZusatzInformation: The names of all the artists featured in the collections of the Louvre are first mixed with the names of the museum's employees to comprise a unique and generic list. The authors can thus play on the notions of anonymity and celebrity, while creating a sort of directory of all those, whether known or unknown, artist or employee, who uphold the Louvre's reputation. They also add several "themed" lists cleverly organized with a good dose of humor. The third part of the book likens the portrait of Louvre employees to the self-portraits of artists displayed at the Louvre.
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