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Ambrosini Marcello / Balconi D. / Hjuler Detlev / Mama Baer / Mich Ludo
Oggi È Un Giorno In Bianco & Nero B&N 001
Parma (Italien) / -): OGGI è un GIORNO in BIANCO & NERO, 2015
(Schallplatte) 19x21 cm, Auflage: , Nr. ,
Single, einseitig bedruckter Umschlag, schmaler Zettel mit Liedtitelangabe und mit braunen Paketklebebandstückchen am Rand, Leporello mit 4 alternativen Titelcovern, schwarze double-sided Single (17,5 cm/6,9). Geschenk von Kommissar Hjuler,
ZusatzInformation: Beiträge von:
il teatro magnetico di. Vogler - A Volte
Ludo Mich, Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer - Sometimes
Vogler ist Marcello Ambrosini
Mama Baer auch Frau Baer
cover painting: F. Ambrosini "Segnali Stradali"
cover painting (backside): G. Cossio "T"
TitelNummer 015317075

Bragadini Giovanna, Hrasg.
Libri d’arte, passione di una vita
Parma (Italien) / -): FermoMAG, 2012
(Presse, Artikel)
Artikel über Reinhard Grüner, Text Italienisch und Englisch,
ZusatzInformation: Reinhard Grüner is a collector from Monaco. His passion is art books, which he collects – and sometimes exhibits – since the 1960s.
His website, is a real “online museum”, where international artist books are catalogued and photographed. Amongst the artists there are Marc Chagall, Anselm Kiefer, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Books, but also works of art made of images and text, created by the artist often in collaboration with a writer and a publisher. For the high artistic quality – original graphics, unique designs, paintings and collages – these works are different from the usual picture books. Their manifestations are multiple: books with graphic effects, objects-book, artist’s books, sometimes printed in offset or illustrated by works of artists.
At the centre of Grüner’s attention there are Eastern German and Eastern European books (mainly Russia, Hungary, Lithuania). many of these works were created in response to specific social, political and cultural issues, with unimaginable insights into the culture of modernity.
Reinhard first came in contact with the art in book form with the English Edition, printed privately, of “A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig”, printed in 1975 by Shoestring Press on paper of the legendary Chiswick Press: from here begins a life of a book maniac among thousands of books. As Grüner states in an essay, the acquisition of artist books is more than a simple purchase: the artist, the life as a collector and thoughts are tied together, they influence each other, and a network of contacts with other collectors begins. With nearly all the books in his collection Grüner forms a symbiotic relationship: each of them describes, explains, and gets to the heart of some chapters of his life.
Download here the pdf file with the essay on the collection of Reinhard Grüner (in English)
TitelNummer 008503304