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ping pong
ping pong

Wichert Claudio / Wilhelm Clemens
Ping Pong - a book of duels and duets
Berlin (Deutschland) / -): AND Public, 2012
(Buch) 204 S., 29,7x21 cm,
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-908452-14-6
Texte Deutsch und Englisch, Geschenk von Claudio Wichert und Clemens Wilhelm,
ZusatzInformation: The artists Claudio Wichert & Clemens Wilhelm spend 90 days in a house to make a book. Each day they produce one page. Like in a match of ping-pong, each page is a reaction to the other artist's work from the day before. The two resulting storylines are presented in this book full of duels and duets. The media mix and only one thing is for certain: it's all or nothing.
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TitelNummer 009148278

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