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kooiker kessels ape 24
kooiker kessels ape 24

Kessels Erik / Kooiker Paul
APE 24 - Terribly Awesome Photo Books
Gent (Belgien) / -): Art Paper Editions, 2012
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 64 unpag. S., 37x30 cm, Auflage: 1000, 2 Stück.
ISBN/ISSN: 9789490800093
Blätter lose zusammengelegt, einmal gefaltet, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle, ein Ex. Geschenk von Joachim Schmid,
ZusatzInformation: For several years, Paul Kooiker and Erik Kessels have organized evenings for friends in which they share the strangest photo books in their collections. The books shown are rarely available in regular shops, but are picked up in thrift stores and from antiquaries. The group’s fascination for these pictorial non-fiction books comes from the need to find images that exist on the fringe of regular commercial photo books. It’s only in this area that it’s possible to find images with an uncontrived quality. What’s noticeable from these publications is that there’s a thin line between being terrible and being awesome. This constant tension makes the books interesting. It’s also worth noting that these tomes all fall within certain categories: the medical, instructional, scientific, sex, humour or propaganda. Paul Kooiker and Erik Kessels have made a selection of their finest books from within this questionable new genre.
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