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Ruiz Francesc, Hrsg.
bearcode by Anna Colin
London (Großbritannien) / -): Gasworks, 2010
(Heft, Zine) 44 unpag. S., 25,3x17,8 cm,
Drahtheftung, in losem Pappumschlag, zwei verschiedene Papiere, in transparenter Kunststoffhülle mit Aufklebern,
ZusatzInformation: Begleitheft zur Ausstellung "Gasworks Yaoi" vom 26. November 2010 - 23. Januar 2011 im Gasworks in London.
"Gasworks Yaoi" is the first solo exhibition by Spanish artist Francesc Ruiz in London. The show is the culmination of Ruiz's research in the local area, conducted during his residency at Gasworks. Inspired by the longstanding gay establishments in Vauxhall, the artist has created a semi-fictional narrative that overemphasises the clichés around sexuality and lifestyle in the area.
For "Gasworks Yaoi", Ruiz will transform the front of the gallery into a bookshop specialising in yaoi comic books. Originating in Japan, this genre (translated as 'boys love') depicts male homoerotic narratives. However, unlike male-oriented gay erotica, yaoi comic books are both produced and consumed by women.
The yaoi comics, featured in Ruiz's bookshop at Gasworks are allegedly produced by female amateur illustrators who portray the encounters of a group of men whose nightlives revolve around Vauxhall's sprawling gay club and bar scene. By adopting the yaoi comic format and resorting to female authorship, Ruiz distances himself from the stories and characters he depicts, allowing for the imagination to run wild, indulging in stereotypes and idealised situations. Through the comics' humour and distortion of reality Ruiz gives himself license to explore a specific subculture and the way it sits within the wider fabric of the neighbourhood.
Turned into a specialised comic bookshop for women, Gasworks' space becomes an environment where sexuality, local context and its social dynamics are fictionalised and packaged into a product for consumption.
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