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Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin): For Everard Vol. 1-11, 2013 ab


Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin): For Everard Vol. 1-11, 2013 ab

Malone Anthony (Marafioti Martin)
For Everard Vol. 1-11
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Selbstverlag, 2013 ab
(Zine / Sticker, Button) [12-16] S., 20,6x13,5 cm, Auflage: 100, signiert, 12 Teile.
Techn. Angaben 11 Hefte, Schwarz-Weiß-Laserkopien, Drahtheftung, Aufkleber
ZusatzInformation About the series:
The For Everard zine series chronicles the 1977 fire at New York's Everard Baths, combining archival research with imagined narratives to re-focus attention to obscured histories. The series explores the media coverage of the subsequent investigation of the fire, and the lives of the nine men who perished. The zines bring together photographic images with primary news sources, as well as personal anecdotes collected from eyewitness testimonials.
About the individual zines:
For Everard, Vol. 1, 2013, ed. 100 (nr. 65)
This zine chronicles the May 25, 1977 fire at New York's Everard Baths and the media coverage of the subsequent investigation.
For Everard, Vol. 2 (Bloodbrothers), 2013, ed. 100 (Nr. 81)
In the second volume of his series chronicling the 1977 fire at New York’s Everard Baths, Anthony Malone focuses on Bellevue Hospital’s blood drive for the victims of the great bathhouse tragedy. Malone draws parallels between the 1977 restrictions placed on gay men for donating blood to their “brothers” and current FDA guidelines that indefinitely defer donations from men who have had sex with men since 1977. This black and white photocopied zine (ed 100) juxtaposes archival images, news clippings, and just a touch of fantasy.
For Everard, Vol. 3 (Remembering Jimmy), 2015, ed. 100 (Nr. 94)
Volume 3 of the series, For Everard is dedicated to the memory of Jimmy Stuard, who died in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Stuard was a rising star in the disco music scene. He spun records first at Boston’s 1270 Club, and later at New York’s 12 West, where he inspired an entire generation of musical artists and DJs. In this particular volume, Anthony Malone assembles images and archival texts that serve as a tribute to the great Jimmy Stuard.
For Everard, Vol. 4 (A Lovely Show), 2016, ed. 100 (Nr. 62)
For Everard, Vol. 4 (A Lovely Show) is a tribute to Kenneth Hill, one of the nine men who died in the devastating fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Kenn played a vital role in the East Village/Lower East side countercultural movement in the late ‘60s and 1970s. He was a hippie, a bar tender at Phebe’s (a watering hole and salon for the experimental theater community in the 1970s), one of the founders of the Old Reliable Theatre Tavern, House Manager at La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, and a photographer. This zine celebrates Kenneth Hill by collaging archival documents with personal artifacts and pictures of Kenn from meaningful moments in his life.
For Everard, Vol. 5 (A Dearly Loved Man), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 95)
For Everard, Vol. 5 (A Dearly Loved Man) assembles images and stories from the life of Ira Landau, a gifted and dedicated teacher who died in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Ira left behind a devoted family (his mother, brother, niece, and lover) and is still greatly missed by his loved ones. This zine is a tribute to the life and accomplishments of a remarkable man who served in the Peace Corps and committed himself to educating young minds both abroad (in the Middle East) and at home in the US. It contains family photos and personal images generously contributed by Ira’s niece.
For Everard, Vol. 6 (Yosef’s Song), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 94)
Volume 6 of the series For Everard celebrates the life of a remarkable musical prodigy, Yosef Synovec. This zine tells the story of a young man with great aspirations who emigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia to study classical violin. In 1976, Holly Woodlawn overheard Synovec vocalizing as he was painting the bathroom of his East Village apartment, and determined on the spot that she had discovered an emerging star. As a singer, Synovec used his extreme vocal range to imitate the voice and persona of Peruvian diva Yma Sumac. He performed Sumac’s exotic musical numbers at several New York City cabarets and show venues. Sadly, on May 25, 1977, Yosef perished in the tragic fire at the Everard Baths.
For Everard, Vol. 7 (Tony from the Bronx), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr. 86)
This zine brings together images and stories from the life of Tony Calarco, one of the nine men who died in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. Tony was only 26 when he died. He lived with his parents and siblings in a modest house in the Bronx. He had recently graduated from college and was working as a social worker in New York city at the time of his death. Tony had aspirations to become a lawyer and was scheduled to begin law school in September of 1977. This zine celebrates Tony Calarco’s memory through photos of Tony, artifacts from his high school and college years, and recent photographs of his home and final resting place.
For Everard, Vol. 8 (Looking for Amado), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr.84)
Amado Alamo, a young man only 17 years old, lost his life in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. In Volume 8 of For Everard, Anthony Malone documents his search for the identity of the youngest victim of the Everard fire. The zine is an abstracted portrait of Alamo that assembles the few extant fragments of his story culled from newspaper articles and documentary sources glued together with the artist’s imagination.
For Everard, Vol. 9 (Last Call), 2017, ed. 100 (Nr.72)
Life was difficult for Hillman Wesley Adams. He was born in Jacksonville FL in 1938. His mother died just a few months after his birth, and by the age of nine, he found himself in an orphanage with his older brother. Fast forward 30 years: Hillman moved to NYC, struggled to make ends meet while working on and off as a bartender, and he met his lover, Ralph, with whom he shared a modest apartment in New Jersey. On May 25, 1977, Hillman died in the fire at the Everard Baths. Vol. 9 of For Everard is an assemblage of newspaper articles and vintage photos chronicling the life and untimely death of Hillman Wesley Adams.
For Everard, Vol. 10 (In Memoriam: Patrick Nott), 2018, ed. 100 (Nr. 64)
Volume 10 of For Everard memorializes the life of Patrick Nott, one of the nine men who died in the fire at the Everard Baths. Nott, a native of Wales with a passion for theater, literature, and music, pursued a successful career in hairdressing. He fell in love with his pen pal (a young woman from Brooklyn) and after their marriage, they moved to New York City, where Nott worked at the Vidal Sassoon Salon. This zine weaves together elements from his story (shared with the artist by Patrick Nott’s wife), with photographs, newspaper clippings, and artifacts. It acts as a humble tribute, an “In Memoriam” for this greatly loved man.
For Everard, Vol. 11 (Thunderbird), 2019, ed. 100 (Nr. 79)
Brian Duffy was an aspiring artist. In 1966 he was accepted to Pratt Institute of Art and although he declined admission to the school, he seized the opportunity to move to NYC and start a new life for himself. In the city, he worked hard at various retail jobs and tried to break into the theater, but everything changed when he met the love of his life, Bradley. The couple moved to a “quieter life” in Boston. They worked in restaurants in the Back Bay area and created a community for themselves amongst their chosen family of friends. Volume 11 of For Everard celebrates the brief life of Brian Duffy, a young man who died in the fire at the Everard Baths in 1977. This zine compiles photographs and stories shared with Malone by Brian’s sister and dear friend.
The pseudonym "Anthony Malone" comes from a novel by Andrew Holleran (Dancer from the Dance). In this novel, Malone is the protagonist and at the end he disappears. Some of his friends believe that he may have committed suicide, others feel that he may have run away from New York, while some say that they saw him at the Everard Baths on the night of the fire. I imagine that Malone survived the fire and he is now making books and zines telling the story of the tragedy.
Sprache Englisch
Geschenk von Martin Marafioti
Stichwort Anschlag / Brand / Erinnerung / Feuer / Gay / Gedenken / Nachforschung / Queer / Recherche / Sauna / Tod
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Lischka Gerhard Johannes, Hrsg.
Alles und noch viel mehr. Das poetische ABC. Die KatalogAnthologie der 80er Jahre
Bern (Schweiz): Benteli Verlag, 1985
(Buch) 1008 S., 23x16 cm, ISBN/ISSN 3-7165-0511-0
Techn. Angaben Kartonbroschur, mit Griffregister nach ABC, Autoren-/Künstlerbiographien, Namensregister
ZusatzInformation Erschienen anlässlich der Ausstellung 12.04.-02.06. 1985 in der Kunsthalle Bern. Mit Besitzername Petzold im Schmutztitel
Namen AI Wong / Alain Arias-Misson / Alain Fleischer / Albert Hien / Alex Hahn / Andreas Coerper / Annette Messager / Annie Wright / Arleen Schloss / Arnie Zane / Arno Steffen / Audio Arts / Axel Schäffler / Balthasar Burkhard / Barbara Bloom / Barbara Kruger / Bazile Bustamante / Bernard Borgeaud / Bernard Marcade / Bernhard Johannes Blume / Bertrand Lavier / Bette Gordon / Bill Fontana / Bill T. Jones / Bill Woodrow / Bob Perelman / Bonnie Marranca / Boris Nieslony / Boyd Webb / Brigitte Bühler / Brigitte Wartmann / Bryan Rogers / Charles Amirkhanian / Charles Bernstein / Charly Banana / Christa Gamper / Christian Boltanski / Christina Kubisch / Christine Brodbeck / Christoph Derschau / Clark Coolidge / Claude Sandoz / Dadarama / Daniel Charles / Dany Bloch / David Garcia / David Hecht / David Ireland / David Mach / David Moss / David Rosenbloom / David Weiss / Dennis Timm / Diamanda Galas / Dieter Froese / Dieter Hormel / Dieter Rühmann / Die Tödliche Doris / Dominik Steiger / Doug Hall / E. Stansfield / Elizabeth LeCompte / Elizabeth Streb / Else Hooykaas / Emmanuel Pereire / End Art / Eric Fischl / Ericka Beckman / Erik Grawert-May / Ernie Gehr / Ernst Buchwalder / Eugenia Balcells / Eva Maria Schön / Federico Winkler / Felix Philipp Ingold / Ferran Garcia Sevilla / Floris M. Neusüss / Francesco Torres / Fritz Andre Kracht / Fritz Schwegler / Gabor Body / Gerwald Rockenschaub / Gilles Mahe / Gitta Gsell / Glen Baxter / Glenn Branca / Gunter Demnig / Gunter Göring / Günter Schulte / Hanna Frenzel / Hannes Bohringer / Hannes Vogel / Hans Christoph von Tavel (Mitarbeit) / Hans Peter Ammann / Heidi Paris / Heike-Melba Fendel / Heinz Brand / Heinz Emigholz / Heinz Gappmayr / Helene Cixous / Herbert Rometsch / Hermann Bohmert / Hermann Pitz / Herwig Kempinger / Hilka Nordhausen / Holger Hiller / Howard Brookner / Jacki Apple / James Benning / James Turrell / Janis Lipzin / Jean-Hubert Martin / Jean-Luc Parant / Jean-Pierre Bertrand / Jean Dupuy / Jean Hubert Martin (Mitarbeit) / Jenny Holzer / Joe Jones / Johannes Muggenthaler / John Giorno / John Hilliard / John M Armleder / John Massey / Judith Barry / Julius / Jügen Partenheimer / Jürgen Klauke / Jürg Laederach / Kees Mol / Ken Kobland / Kiev Stingl / Kilian Dellers / Klaus Peter Dencker / Klaus vom Bruch / Klaus Wyborny / Komar & Melamid / Konrad Balder Schäuffelen / Krzystof Wodiczko / Kuno Lindenmann·/ Justen Ladda / lan Breakwell / Leigh Landy / Lenny Kaye / Leslie Thornton / Linda Moncano / lnfermental / Loredana Parmesani1 / Loys Egg / Luce lrigaray / Lyn Hejinian / M. Hawley / M. Raskin Stichting / Magazzini Criminali / Malcolm Goldstein / Marcel Odenbach / Margaret Jenkins / Marie-Jo Lafontaine / Marie-Luise Syring / Marie Lucier / Markus Raetz / Matthyas Jenny / Maurizio Nannucci / Meredith Monk / Michael Brewster / Michael Buthe / Michael Glasmeier / Michael Palmer / Michael Peppe / Michel Jaffrennou / Michel Sauer / Michel Waisvisz / Min Tanaka / Moira Roth / Molissa Fenley / Morgan OHara / Muriel Olesen / Nancy Karp / Ned Sublette / Neescha / Nigel Rolfe / Norbert Klassen / Olivier Richon / Orlan / Pat Oleszko / Patrick Hughes / Paul & Limpe Fuchs / Pauline de Groot / Paul Kos / Performance Olympics / Peter Fischli / Peter Frank / Peter Gence / Peter Gidal / Peter Gilles / Peter Gordon / Peter Josef Abels / Peter Meyer / Peter Nadin / Peter Rose / Peter van Riper / Peter Volkart / Peter Weibel / Peter Zec / Pieter Laurens Mol / Pooh Kaye / Raffael Rheinsberg / Raimund Kummer / Renate Bertlmann / Renate Heyne / Rene Berger / Richard Kostelanetz / Rita Myers / Rod Summers / Roland Fischer / Romana Scheffknecht / Ron Padgett / Ron Silliman / Rotraut Pape / Rune Mields / Sally Banes / Serge Lador / Serge Spitzer / Sigmar Polke / Silke Grossmann / Sophie Calle / Stefan de Jaeger / Stephan Huber / Stephan Kern / Stephen Laub / Stephen Willats / Stille Helden / Studio Azzurro / Su Friedrich / Susan Mosakowski / Teh Hsieh / The Schismatics / Thomas Huber / Thomas Kapielski / Timothy Buckley / Tom-Puckey / Tom Marioni / Tony Cragg / Tony Labat / Toto Frima / Turi Werkner / Ugo Carrega / Ulay & Marina Abramovic / Ulises Carrion / Ulrich Eller / Ulrike Ottinger / UnknownmiX / Urs Luthi / Urs Peter Schneider / Valie Export / Verena von Gagern / Vincenzo Ferrari / Vito Acconci / Volker Wilczek / Vollrad Kutscher / Walter Fähndrich / Walter Pfeiffer / Walter Seitter / White Noise / William Hellermann
Sprache Deutsch
Stichwort 1980er / Anthologie / Dokumentarfilm / Drama / Erzählung / Experimentalfilm / Experimentelle Musik / Film / Fotografie / Installation / Klang / Lyrik / Malerei / Objekt / Performance / Philosophie / Plastik / Skulptur / Sofortbild / Tanz / Theorie / Video / Visuelle Poesie / Ästhetik
Sponsoren Kanton Bern
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Allington Ed / Banks Glynn / Bevis John / Coleman John / Culbert Bill / Duncall Stephen / Fidler Martin / Hayward Tony / Koethe Wolfgang / Sackett Colin / Wentworth Richard
Schaufelbagger und Muldenkipper - Excavator and tipper-truck
London (Großbritannien): Coracle Press, 1983
(Buchobjekt) 9,5x21,5 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Spiralbindung, verschiedene Papiere, 2 Plastikschäufelchen mit aufgeklebtem Sandpapier und Paketanhänger bzw. mit Wasser und Plstikfischchen im transpareten Stiel
ZusatzInformation Ausstellungskatalog
Stichwort 1980er / Buchobjekt / Objektkatalog
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Allington Ed / Banks Glynn / Bevis John / Coleman John / Culbert Bill / Duncall Stephen / Fidler Martin / Hayward Tony / Koethe Wolfgang / Sackett Colin / Wentworth Richard
Schaufelbagger und Muldenkipper - - Excavator and Tipper-truck
London (Großbritannien): Coracle Press, 1983
(Buchobjekt) 9,5x21,5 cm, Auflage: 200, 2 Stück.
Techn. Angaben Spiralbindung, verschiedene Papiere und Kunststofffolien, Plastikschäufelchen mit aufgeklebtem Sandpapier und Paketanhänger
ZusatzInformation Zu einer Ausstellung Painting and Sculpture, late June until late August 1983
Stichwort 1980er / Buchobjekt / Malerei / Skulptur
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Martin John, Hrsg.
Global Art Forum_2 transcripts
Dubai (Vereinigte Arabische Emirate): Art Dubai, 2008
(Buch) 288 S., 22,9x17,2 cm, ISBN/ISSN 978-0-9560704-0-1
Techn. Angaben Klappbroschur,
ZusatzInformation Mit einem Dialog zwischen Ai Weiwei and Charles Merewether, Präsentationen von Daniel Buren, Tony Cragg. Gesprächen mit Hans Ulrich Obrist, Lawrence Weiner
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort Nullerjahre
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Battista Kathy, Hrsg.
Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.)
Salzburg (Österreich): Museum der Moderne Salzburg, 2015
(Flyer, Prospekt) 8 S., 21x14,8 cm,
Techn. Angaben Einladungskarte und Flyer
ZusatzInformation Zur Ausstellung vom 25.7.2015 bis 1.11.2015. Mit Projekten von Künstlerinnen, Künstlern und Bell-Labs-Ingenieuren
Namen Alex Hay / Alfons Schilling / Andy Warhol / Billy Klüver / Cecil H. Coker / Composers Inside Electronics / David Tudor / Deborah Hay / Dick Wolff / Forrest Myers / Fred Waldhauer / Fujiko Nakaya / Hans Haacke / Harold Hodges / Herb Schneider / Jean Dupuy / Jean Tinguely / Jim McGee / John Cage / John Pearce / Ken Knowlton / Larry Heilos / Leon Harmon / Lucinda Childs / Merce Cunningham / Niels & Lucy Young / Per Biorn / Pete Cumminski / Peter Hirsch / Ralph Flynn / Robby Robinson / Robert Breer / Robert Rauschenberg / Robert V. Kieronski / Robert Whitman / Steve Paxton / Tony Martin / Witt Wittnebert / Yvonne Rainer / Öyvind Fahlström
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Tress Horst
Flyer, Postkarten, Pressemitteilungen und Ausstellungsführer - Konvolut
Köln (Deutschland): Selbstverlag, 2016 ab
(Ephemera, div. Papiere) 22 Teile.
Techn. Angaben Konvolut aus 22 Flyern, Postkarten, Pressemitteilungen, Ausstellungsführern, Heft und Faltblättern,
ZusatzInformation Zu Ausstellungen aus den Jahren 2016-2017. Zu Ausstellungen von Tetsumi Kudo, Ludger Gerdes, Loretta Fahrenholz, Ilya und Emilia Kabakov, Ottmar Hörl, Tony Cragg, Ludwig Meidner, Jason Brown and the Postal Provocateurs, tofuart, Martin Kippenberger und den Themen "Pop Art in Great Britain", "Im Käfig der Freiheit", u. a
Sprache Deutsch / Englisch
Geschenk von Horst Tress
Stichwort Mail Art / Moderne / zeitgenössische Kunst
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Johnson Phyllis, Hrsg.
Aspen - The Magazine in a Box Vol. 1 No. 01
New York, NY (Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika): Roaring Fork Press, 1965
(Zeitschrift, Magazin) 31x23,6x1,5 cm, signiert,
Techn. Angaben Kassette mit losen Einzelblättern, teils ausgeschnitten, beklebt und beschrieben mit Signatur der Herausgeberin, Mappe mit Werbeheften und Einzelblättern ("Our Ad Gallery") und fünf Heften mit Drahtheftung
ZusatzInformation Gilt als erstes dreidimensionales Magazin. The subject matter of issue number 1 stayed close to the magazine's namesake ski spa, with features on Aspen's film and music festivals, skiing, mountain wildlife, and local architecture. Themen: "Jazz: A Cool Duel. Three perspectives on jazz, from three active musicians", Vinyl "Two sides of jazz" mit Aufnahmen von Peanuts Hucko, Yank Lawson, Clancy Hayes, Lou Stein, Lou McGarrity und Morey Field und Bill Evans (fehlt), "Ski-Roaming, Lift-Shunning, Mountain-Touring", "Configurations of the New World. Extracts from thirteen papers presented at the 15th annual International Design Conference in Aspen."
Namen Arthur Drexler / Chuck Israels (Jazz-Musiker) / David Finn / Denis Higgins / Freddie Fisher (Jazz-Musiker) / Frederic Benedict (Architekt) / George Lois (Gestaltung Magazin) / George Nelson & Co. / James W. Rouse / Jan C. Rowan / John Henry Auran / Jon Hendricks (Jazz-Musiker) / Konrad Wachsman / Martin Wohl / Peggy Clifford / Peter Blake / Philip M. Hauser / Philip Rosenthal / Ralph Tuzzo (Gestaltung Magazin) / Rev. William F. Lynch / Robert G.W. Theobald / Robert G.W. Theobald / Stewart L. Udall / Timothy Thomas / Tom Courtos (Gestaltung Magazin) / Tony Gauba
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1960er / Architektur / Design / Einrichtung / Freizeit / Jazz / Kunst / Lifestyle / Musik / Objektzeitschrift / Wintersport
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Jay Bill
British Photographers Photographed
London (Großbritannien): Café Royal Books, 2018
(Heft) [20] S., 19,9x14 cm, Auflage: 500,
Techn. Angaben Drahtheftung, Digitaldruck, Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos, ganz- und doppelseitig
ZusatzInformation Published to accompany the documentary film, and exhibition: Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay. Images curated by Grant Scott (Impressum)
Namen Bert Hary / Bill Brandt / Craig Atkinson (Herausgeber) / Daniel Meadows / David Hurn / Don McCullin / Fay Godwin / Georges Rodger / Grace Robertson / Grant Scott (Bildredaktion) / Homer Skykes / John Benton Harris / John Charity / Keith Arnatt / Martin Parr / Patrick Ward / Paul Hill / Phillip Jones-Griffiths / Sue Packer / Tony Ray Jones
Sprache Englisch
Stichwort 1970er / Großbritannien / Porträt / Schwarz-Weiß-Fotografie
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