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Gesucht wurde Forouhar Parastou, MEDIENART alle Medien, SORTIERUNG ID, absteigend  1 Treffer


  • Written Room
Ort LandMnchen (Deutschland)
Verlag Jahr
Medium Flyer, Prospekt
Techn. Angaben
  • [2] S., 17x12,2 cm, Keine weiteren Angaben vorhanden
    Postkarte, beidseitig bedruckt
  • Einladungskarte zur Ausstellung Written Room in der Galerie Karin Sachs vom 15.09.-27.10.2018.
    The Persian script is turned into an ornament. Covering the white walls of the museums, the characters serve Forouhar as paper for her own text. The room becomes a written room. Whereas the white walls of the gallery room are raised to a universal norm and an unmarked instance, the Oriental ornament stands for difference or the deviating.
    The writing is also strange, if not alien, because it is illegible for Western visitors as an incomprehensible text it becomes a pure ornament. In defying attempts by Western visitors to assign its meaning, the script remains locked into its irreducible pictorial graphicness and indissoluble representation. The meaning cannot be grasped. at best, the inscribed ping-pong balls, which cover the base of the installation, can be grasped in the tactual sense. The legibility is made even more difficult by the movement of the ping-pong balls, which due to their spherical form also offer no stable vertical or horizontal reading axes. they form new patterns over and over again, are always in motion, and become incoherently disjointed.
    Even if one has a command of Persian, the characters prove to be nothing more than word fragments and syllables, which are not subject to a linear order. The script ornamentation covers the whole room. Viewers entering the rooms are surrounded by patterns, forcing them to give up their sovereign, distanced standpoint.
    Text von der Website der Knstlerin.
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